stay tru.

Year: 2018
Concept: Clemens Loeffelholz
Stage Design: Clemens Loeffelholz
Lighting Design: Manfred Nikitser, Clemens Loeffelholz
Lighting Direction: Manfred Nikitser
Video: Bewegtbildgrafik, Cro
Photo Credits: Paul Gärtner
Video Credits: Marvin Ströter

Cro's oversized mask rises from the ground and defines the whole stage with its presence. It also doubles as a projection surface and either blends in the big picture or stands out by contrasting the background. The whole stage works with the artists albums thoughts about identity - wether which one is fake or which one is real - based all around his unknown real self and his famous alter ego. The mask takes its parts in this battle by taking on several patterns and colors and by this hiding like a chameleon in one moment whilst drawing the whole crowd's attention to itself a few moments later.