Giant Rooks

Rookery Tour

Year: 2022
Concept, Production and Lighting Design, Lighting Direction, Programming

Design Team:
Benjamin Puetter
Clemens Loeffelholz von Colberg
Taimur El Khorazaty

Video Content: Bewegtbildgrafik

Photo Credits: Paul Gärtner, Lucio Vignolo
Video Credits: Bitte Einen Film



Giant Rooks music invigorates the feeling of looking out of a window - seeing life and all its different facets passing by. The band and its clean and melodic sound is placed in a reduced interior. The space is made up of architectural elements - window, column, stairs, and curtain. The walls are formed by light. All the elements were kept in their pure archetypical form. The different components where stripped of any kind of material to keep the space abstract and simple. Together, all the elements form a cohesive playground for the band to perform on.
To complement the music and lyrics, we decided to use these architectural elements and play with the art of surrealism and its border between reality and illusion. To achieve this effect, the window frame was enlarged and combined with a low resolution screen to form the impression of an imaginary window view. While the band members perform on different depths of the stage, they blur the scale of the props and themselves from the audiences perspective.