The Belonging Album Tour

Year: 2024
Concept, Production Design, Show Direction, Lighting Design, Lighting Direction

Design Team:
Clemens Loeffelholz von Colberg
Benjamin Puetter
Taimur El Khorazaty
Nora Vanessa Hampf

Lighting Programming & Tour Lighting Director: Emanuel Jörgner
Video Content & Video Programming: Lichtgestalten
Music Video Content Director: Marco Fumolo

Photo Credits: Paul Gärtner, Innellea

INNELLEA's music is deep, hopeful, genuine and energetic. As there isn't just one universal word to describe his sound, there also wasn't going to be just one big screen to support him on stage.

Our design is a reference to an art gallery where multiple pictures, here LED walls, are placed together in an asymmetrical order. They could act individually or unite in one large picture. The main character, the artist, is placed in the heart of it - surrounded and highlighted by the ambience of the pictures displayed.

The unusual angular placement of the dual-sided LED pillars enables an immersive experience for spectators from any position, no matter how near or far, central or sideways one is situated towards the stage.