Year: 2019-2020
Concept: Rin, Clemens Loeffelholz
Stage Design: Clemens Loeffelholz
Lighting Design: Clemens Loeffelholz
Assistant Design: Taimur El Khorazaty, Stefan Troendle
Lighting Direction: Benjamin Puetter
Photo Credits: Paul Gärtner, Nikolaus Ostermann

The set design is inspired by the movie „Peter Pan“. The two moons above the stage change color throughout the set and always stay on to make the audience feel like they experience one day from dawn till dusk. The island is stylized by cutting it into multiple layers so it becomes see-through and solid at the same time which leaves space for imagination. By putting fog around the tree it becomes a fluid kind of foliage that appears and disappears throughout the show also representing the course of a day or season.