Summer 2022

Year: 2022
Concept, Production Design, Lighting Design

Design Team:
Benjamin Puetter
Clemens Loeffelholz von Colberg
Taimur El Khorazaty
Nora Vanessa Hampf

Lighting Direction & Programming: Emanuel Jörgner

Photo Credits: Nikolaus Ostermann, Nora Hampf, Clemens Loeffelholz



The fabric

Inspired by the release of Bilderbuch's latest album „Gelb ist das Feld” and its catchy - yet soft - vibes, we were thrown into the midst of a summer sensation.
Running our hands through luscious green meadows on a blue-sky-summer day, sitting by crackling bonfire at night. 
Our design transforms the stage into a towering tent, converting wide Open-Air-venues into an isolated, welcoming space.

Intimate, protected and cozy, but nevertheless vibrant and cheerful with its quirky green hue.