Summer 2022

Year: 2022
Concept, Production and Lighting Design, Lighting Direction, Programming

Design Team:
Benjamin Puetter
Clemens Loeffelholz von Colberg
Taimur El Khorazaty

Motion Design: Bewegtbildgrafik
Motion Design & Shading: Lichtgestalten

Tour Lighting Director: Emanuel Jörgner

Photo Credits: Sebastian Huber, Paul Gärtner, Nora Vanessa Hampf
Video Credits: Bitte Einen Film



For RIN's return on stage, we anticipated working with video content and its potential on screens. With the present trend of fast-paced videos on several social media platforms, the idea of creating a show focusing on this look was undeniably intriguing.

We collaborated with a handful of creative talents to develop a visual look - actually several looks - that displayed the artist in different moods depending on the song’s vibe.

The mixture of real-time-generated and pre-rendered video content promises new pictures with every single performance played. As the AI identifies the artist, he is featured on fire, filled with patterns and colors on screens onstage.